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The Two’s classroom focuses on the child as an individual who thrives on structure and routine. The theme based curriculum that is implemented has a specific routine that is followed each day. The children move throughout their day calmly and respond well to the days events.


The curriculum uses stories, art, and movement activities to help the children begin to grasp early concepts, such as colors, shapes, correspondence, letters, and numbers. Working on matching games and art projects the children work on their fine motor skills while the movement activities focus on the child’s coordination and gross motor skills. The short circle time every morning allows the children to begin to expand their attention spans while also improving their language skills.


Further, the classroom has clearly defined interest areas including, blocks, art, dramatic play, sand and water play, puzzles, and a classroom library. These interest areas give the children a chance to explore the classroom and develop interpersonal relationships. Working in small groups, our two year olds begin to learn conflict resolution and sharing. The classroom is also equipped with a changing table and sink.


The children are changed every two hours, or as needed, and it is documented for the parents every day. Also on the “Toddler Tattlers” the teachers document what your child ate and drank for the time that they are with us. This is another example of how we like to involve families in our daily activities. We want to assure you that your child is given the best care along with the best educational experience.

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