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Our full day Kindergarten allows each child to enter first grade exceeding the NJ Standards and has a joy for learning.  The curriculums we implement complement our teaching strategies using hands on learning and small group work.  We have incorporated Pearson curriculum into our program to enhance the already successful program we have in place.


Reading Street is a comprehensive reading and language art series.  This curriculum utilizes leveled reading books that focus on a variety of concepts to develop language development, reading development, as well as comprehension.  Each week, there are also reading sections that teach science and social studies concepts.  Reading Street provides a lively multisensory experience through Smart board technology.  Each day the children will experience interactive lessons on the Smart board.  These lessons help children to focus their attention, capture abstract ideas, learn vocabulary, and remember important ideas.  Further, Reading Street provides us with a home connection program to help families follow up on daily lessons along with practicing reading with specific assignments to meet each child’s specific ability level.


Math in Focus is a daily problem based interactive math program that deepens conceptual understanding by helping the children make meaningful visual/verbal connections with every lesson.  This curriculum uses the Singapore Math method in the lessons, games, and activities.  There is ongoing diagnosis and intervention as well as enrichment activities.  The children will be working on mathematics on a daily basis and loving every second!


Finally, our handwriting curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, guides the children through practicing their letters with songs, rhymes and specific workspaces, so all children can succeed.  Each day the children write in their journals, practicing the concepts they learn from their handwriting lessons.  Handwriting Without Tears groups the letters so the children are practicing the same writing concept before moving onto more advanced letter writing.  We find that the children are enjoying writing more and are having more success with their journal writing since incorporating this curriculum into our program.


Each of these curriculums are incredible on their own but when taught together, they are unstoppable.  The children in our Kindergarten class will receive the best education available.  Along with all the curriculums have to offer, they also provide our teachers with differentiated instruction.  This enables our teachers to teach to the individual child.  Assigning specific work to each child so that he/she will succeed and gain confidence before moving on to more advanced work.  We are so proud of the program we have put together and we hope that you will call your local center to set up a tour.

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