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18 months - 2 years

Our Toddler classroom focuses on the needs of each toddler. Curiosity is the key to the toddlers world and we strive to allow each child’s own personal expression and curious mind!  


The classroom is structured to facilitate this self exploration and need for understanding.  Also, at this age children strive for their independence, although they are usually not quite ready.  We find the balance for the children by involving them in art projects, games, and play that allows them to succeed while also allowing them to express their individual personalities and creativity.  


The caregivers begin each day with a circle time routine; this is one of the first steps in having the children engage in a short structured lesson. 


The children will sing songs, develop language and participate in a very visual, interactive lesson.  These lessons are created based on a thematic curriculum specific to this age group. 


The curriculum appeals to each type of learner, incorporating sensory/tactile, motor, visual, artistic, and mathematical activities, while also leaving time for free exploration and play.  Most importantly, your child will come home with a love for school and learning that will stay with them throughout their educational careers.

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