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6 weeks - 18 mos

A journal is started at enrollment which continues throughout your child’s years at k2k and captures many significant milestones.  This is given to parents to keep.   


Our infant program provides a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment for your baby to explore. Routine is so important in an infant’s day, so our caregivers work hard to stick to a schedule that suits each infants needs. Parents and caregivers work together in promoting each child’s growth and development. The caregivers are in constant communication with our families to insure that the children are receiving the best care possible. Daily tracking sheets are sent home with each child so the families are fully involved in their child’s day to day activities.


When your infant is not sleeping, he/she is spending time outside of the crib exploring and interacting with the caregivers.  Our caregivers are able to be with each infant, talking, singing, smiling, cuddling and playing, allowing your infant to learn about his/her  world.  You can rest assured that your infant is being cared for by experienced caregivers who care and nurture each child.  A journal is started for each child which captures many  significant events in your infants life while at the centers.  This journal follows your child throughout their K2K educational experience and is given to parents upon leaving our school.

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